Easy Fixes For A Bathroom Overhaul That Avoid Complete Remodels

One of the main areas that people want to fix in the home is often the bathroom. Be it a master bathroom or a smaller bathroom, oftentimes the bathroom simply needs to be addressed. Sometimes the bathroom is old and in need of serious repair, but more often than not it's just a case of a simple fix that will completely transform the look of the entire room. This is a much more affordable and easy approach than going through with a complete bathroom renovation that might entail tearing down walls and gutting the entire room to get to the bare studs and then build it back. This is not always necessary, so take a look at the information below and you will see some cool things to look into.

Install A Waterfall-Style Shower Head

If your shower and tiles are in good shape, and it's just a situation where you are looking for something a bit more modern, then you should look at a waterfall shower head. These are really fancy-looking and also relatively easy to install. You might want to reconfigure the pipe to have it extend outwards more than normal, but you can also get a waterfall style that will work with the current shower setup so that you don't have to install any extra piping. It is all relatively easy to do on your own.

Resurface or Reglaze An Old Tub

One of the most impressive changes you can make is to fix the look of your bathtub. If you have an old acrylic tub that is scratched up and not looking up to par, you can fix this without having to tear it out and buy a completely new one. What you can do is hire a company to come in and resurface the tub. Likewise, you can also bring in a company to reglaze an old ceramic tub.

Install New Bathroom Flooring

If the tile is cracked, or it's just not what you like anymore, then you should fix the look by tearing up the old tile and replacing it. You can use new ceramic tile, but you might also want to look at an alternative waterproof flooring such as a rubber tile that mimics the look of ceramic. This might be even better because it won't get as cold as ceramic and it won't break if you drop something on the bathroom floor. And best of all it's a completely waterproof flooring so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged by water. You can contact companies like Brothers  Floor Covering for more information.