2 Methods to Help You Remove and Patch Dents in Your Hardwood Flooring

Damage to your hardwood flooring can cause the surface of your flooring to look ugly and unattractive, but with the right preparation and repairs, you can remove many dents from the flooring's surface. Here is some insight to help you make some simple repairs to your hardwood flooring.

Lift Dents With Steam

When your hardwood floors have become dented by a heavy object, you can repair and lift the dent with a simple method. Make sure you are dealing with a dent in the wood where none of the wood has been broken off from the surface, as this will require you to use wood filler to repair the damage. This steam-repair process can cause some types of hardwood floor finish to turn white, so test the process out on an inconspicuous area before repairing any damage in a highly-visible area.

First, wet the area of the dent with some water, then apply a wet towel or wash cloth onto the surface of the dent. You can also use a water-saturated towel. Apply a heated clothes iron on the highest setting onto the wet towel and move it around in a circular pattern. The wet towel and the iron should create a lot of steam. Make sure you don't leave the iron in one spot for too long, as it can burn the towel and your flooring.

Continue this process of rubbing the hot iron over the wet towel for a few minutes. Check the condition of the dent after several minutes to see if the dent in the wood has been lifted. As the moisture and steam permeate the wood, the wood fibers that were compressed together should swell and lift back up to their original condition.

Allow the wood to dry, then sand out any remaining scratches or cracks in the finish. Follow this up by applying some matching finish to your flooring and allow it to dry.

Fill Dents With Wood Filler

When a dent in your hardwood flooring has caused some of the wood to break free, you will need to use wood filler to repair it. First, sand the area with a medium-grit sand paper on the dent and around the area. Apply a matching color of wood filler onto the flooring, using a putty knife to press it into the dent and to smooth its surface. Allow the filler to dry completely, then sand it smooth with a fine-grit sanding block.

Now you can apply any stain to help the patch match the surrounding flooring, followed by an application of wood flooring finish. Be sure to use the same type of finish your flooring has previously been protected with. This will help the repair blend in with the rest of your floor.