4 Things You Need To Think About While Interviewing Wood Floor Contractors

Wood flooring is one of the most renewable materials available on the market. It will not only make your home look beautiful, but will help reduce your household's overall carbon footprint on the world at the same time. You'll need to hire a professional wood floor contractor, such as Monterrey  Tile Company, to do the leg work of installing your new wood floors to ensure that the job's done right. Here are a few things to consider when interviewing prospective service providers:

Warranty Longevity

One of the most important things to think about before having new wood floors installed in your home is the warranties that come with each option you're considering. Some flooring options may come with a basic manufacturer's warranty that covers malfunctions and defects for the first couple of years after installation, while others offer up the opportunity to invest in an extended warranty that will cover most repairs and much of the maintenance for the many years to come.

So, it's a good idea to ask for a copy of all the warranty options that are available through each prospective wood floor contractor you consult with. You can then compare the warranty options to one another and figure out who will provide you with the best protection long-term. You'll find that most extended warranty options come with an additional price tag beyond the price of the wood flooring itself, so remember to get accurate quotes in writing so you can factor those costs into your overall investment budget.

Work Timeline Guarantees

Another crucial consideration to make is the timeline in which your chosen wood floor contractor will work within. You should be able to get a timeline guarantee of some kind from each potential contractor you consult with, so make sure they commit to having the project complete within a specific time-period during your consultations.

This way, you can use the information to figure out which company is most likely to meet your specific time, and therefore budget, expectations. In addition to actual timeline quotes, you should find out what would happen if the timeline that's quoted isn't met? You may find that some companies will offer a discount that make the chance of missing your project deadline worthwhile.  

Support Staff Qualifications

You shouldn't assume that every wood floor contractor you consult with employs direct staff to assist them with installation projects, because there may be a variety of situations that you run into during your consultations. Some contractors hire their support staff directly, while others utilize staffing agencies to fill in the gaps when they need extra labor help.

While it doesn't really matter where the staff comes from, it does matter how they're vetted before being brought on to work on your project. It's crucial to find out where each prospective wood floor contractor's employees are sourced from and how they are screened. Are background checks performed and licenses verified? Are references cross-checked?  

Customer Service Options

The initial consultation may go great with your chosen wood floor contractor, but what if you have a question or concern and can't get through to anyone when you call? Look for a contractor to work with that offers multiple customer service options such as through email, online instant messaging, and even Skype in addition to basic phone contact.

You also need to know what hours you're able to contact your contractor at, and how long you can expect it to take before your messages are returned. Is there a charge for customer support? Is maintenance support offered after installation is complete? Make customer service a main focus during your consultations so you can be sure that your needs will be met throughout the longevity of your wood flooring installation project.

Making these considerations should help ensure that the wood flooring contractor you decide to ultimately hire meets your needs, expectations, and preferences from beginning to end.