Hardwood Flooring Damaged? Tips For Repairing And Protecting Them

Do the floors in your home look a little bit worn down due to cosmetic damage? Know that it's possible to restore your floors so that they look brand new once again. By fixing some basic problems and taking preventative steps, you'll be doing all you can to help the floors maintain a great look.

Remove Scuff Marks Using An Eraser

Some shoes are prone to leaving scuff marks behind when they drag across a wood floor. This isn't damage that you need to live with forever, since they are easy to remove if you have a large pencil eraser. It is an effective way to remove damage caused by shoes on the floor's surface, and won't damage the wood in the process. All you need to do is rub the scuff mark using the eraser. The abrasiveness of the eraser should be just enough to remove the top layer left behind by the shoe, and not damage the floor underneath.

Resurface Small Scratches With Sandpaper

For chips and scratches in the floor, you'll need to refinish part of the surface to remove the damage. You can do this by hand sanding the scratch with sandpaper so that the surface is smooth with the surrounding floor boards. You'll then want to rub the area with primer, and then a protective finishing material.

Keep in mind that spot repairing in this manner will only work if your floors are a natural color without any stain. If you have stained floors, the sanding process will remove the color and make the area actually look worse. You will need the help of a professional hardwood flooring specialist that can refinish that section of the floors for you in that case. It may involve refinishing an entire room of your home so that the flooring is a consistent color.

Use Felt Pads To Protect The Flooring

Avoid problems in the future by placing felt pads beneath your furniture items that frequently move across the floor. This is especially important for chairs in your dining room that frequently drag with a bit of pressure on then. When moving furniture items on the wood surface, you'll also want to use furniture moving pads that help the item glide across the surface without leaving scratches behind.

These are just a few ways to repair and protect your wood floors. For more tips, ask a local hardwood flooring company like East Penn Hardwood Flooring Corp.