Interested In Hardwood Flooring For Your Kitchen? 3 Tips For Getting The Right Fit

Having hardwood floors installed at home can be a great way to get a classic flooring that will continue to look great even years after it's installed. If the room that you want the flooring to be installed in is the kitchen, there are a number of different things that you'll need to keep in mind to make sure that the flooring stays in great condition. Consider the following tips before selecting hardwood flooring to be installed so that the kitchen has floors that are durable for years to come. Read More 

Easy Fixes For A Bathroom Overhaul That Avoid Complete Remodels

One of the main areas that people want to fix in the home is often the bathroom. Be it a master bathroom or a smaller bathroom, oftentimes the bathroom simply needs to be addressed. Sometimes the bathroom is old and in need of serious repair, but more often than not it's just a case of a simple fix that will completely transform the look of the entire room. This is a much more affordable and easy approach than going through with a complete bathroom renovation that might entail tearing down walls and gutting the entire room to get to the bare studs and then build it back. Read More 

Creating An Industrial-Inspired Look: Four Ideas To Consider

If you are looking to update your home's decor, an industrial-inspired design theme can be the perfect change. By combining different materials, you can add an edgy look to your home while also infusing it with a touch of vintage style. Choosing the right materials is key to this design theme. Use the following ideas as inspiration as you plan out your industrial-inspired remodel. Concrete Wall Tiles Concrete wall tiles offer a bold look, and they can be used in a number of ways. Read More 

Upgrades For A Preschool’s Art Room That Are Functional And Durable

If you own a private preschool and would like to upgrade the facility's art room so that children are provided with a safe, functional and durable area to complete art projects, use the tips below to help you make improvements. Laminate Flooring Laminate flooring is stain resistant and resilient to scuff marks or scratches. A laminate floor will provide children with a smooth, skid-proof surface to walk upon and if art supplies spill onto a laminate surface, materials can be swept or mopped up. Read More 

2 Methods to Help You Remove and Patch Dents in Your Hardwood Flooring

Damage to your hardwood flooring can cause the surface of your flooring to look ugly and unattractive, but with the right preparation and repairs, you can remove many dents from the flooring's surface. Here is some insight to help you make some simple repairs to your hardwood flooring. Lift Dents With Steam When your hardwood floors have become dented by a heavy object, you can repair and lift the dent with a simple method. Read More